Foundation Support

Moving Missions Forward

At HQSI, we use a collaborative approach to work with foundations, grantees, and the government to improve healthcare quality for individuals and communities. We bring together mission-aligned partners to develop and implement programs designed to advance health care delivery, improve outcomes, and reduce associated costs.   Because of our history as the Federally-designated Quality Improvement Organization (QIO) for New Jersey and our experience bringing together communities, we are uniquely qualified to partner with foundations to continue to improve the health of individuals and populations in New Jersey and across America.  

Working with Foundations

We connect foundations and grantees with a diverse group of resources including providers, communities, and subject matter experts. Together we will apply best practices to every step of your project. Here’s how we can partner:  

The RFP Process

Before grantee selection, we help foundations shape the RFP, define performance milestones, develop objective criteria for grantee evaluation, and manage the selection process.  

Grant Administration

After selection, we provide technical assistance to grantees that allows them to meet the goals and objectives set forth by the foundation. Working “hands-on” with the grantees, we help grantees to:


  • Overcome challenges as they come up during the project duration
  • Focus on performance, improving measurable outcomes reducing program costs
  • Build infrastructure to support sustainability (for when funding ends)