Medical Review and Appeals

Effectively Manage Appeals


Without Adding to Overhead Costs


Medical necessity denials and appeals are the bane of many organizations.  Even if they only comprise a small percentage of total services, denials and appeals can impact cash flow and jam up an otherwise smooth revenue cycle management process. Recouping even a small percentage of those dollars can significantly impact the bottom-line.


Whether your organization is undergoing a revenue cycle management assessment, re-evaluating operations, or just looking to capture every possible dollar, HQSI can work with you to reduce the administrative and financial burden.  HQSI can efficiently and effectively handle your retrospective medical necessity denials and appeals – without adding to overhead costs.


HQSI’s U.S. based network of Board-certified physicians and credentialed health professionals will efficiently meet your needs, within your budget.  HQSI reviewers use evidence-based criteria and current professional standards to make the right decision the first time, every time and produce a high quality, sound determination in every case.


Our physician network covers a diverse and wide range of specialties. Their decision/determinations are always clear, succinct, and valid. We use a secure, web-based system that makes it easy to submit files, track status, and access decisions/determinations at your convenience.


Our experienced staff, history as a Quality Improvement Organization, and current status as a URAC-accredited IRO and a QIO-like entity demonstrate our reliability and service commitment.  With HQSI, you get a trusted partner who will maintain quality and save you time, resources and money.


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